Positive Benefits of Class Reunion That You Need to Know

class reunion

At certain times we have a tendency to meet and reminisce with old friends. After not seeing school friends who have been a part of our lives for a certain period of time, usually there is a desire within us to know how they are currently doing. Because then there will be an idea to gather back our old friends in a reunion.

Generally, people view reunions as nothing more than a place to meet people they miss. Though it shouldn’t be just that. There are reunions that are just routine and fun-filled activities for a moment’s enjoyment. However, if we dig deeper, reunion has a number of benefits, depending on how we want to view it.

That’s why class reunions are always there and people generally enjoy attending a reunion, from reunions with friends from elementary to college. Getting back together with old friends, even for a moment, has its own meaning for everyone. In general, reunions are seen as having positive benefits, except for those who had negative experiences while attending school.

Here are some of the benefits of reunions that we need to know:

1. The School Period Nostalgia Event

One of the strong reasons people attend reunions is to want to repeat the sweet times they spent with our school friends, looking for past romance that still remains in our minds.

According to Prof. Ganesha, a cardiologist at Harapan Kita Hospital, reunion, whatever the term is, is an attempt to reconcile what was once together, an effort to find self-existence which begins to disappear from memory due to age.

Through this reunion, we can relive the school days we were together with, reminisce about interesting things from experiences that have happened in the past. What used to be considered normal, through reunion is revealed again, becomes a pleasant memory.

When reuniting in a class reunion, everyone tries to collect memories of events that have been experienced and retell them with a different nuance from the real events. Then an unpleasant incident, such as being punished by the teacher, when retold, becomes something funny and fun.

“Reunion”, said Dr. Priguna Sidharta, “is not only to play memory longterms in the hippocampus, but also to improve the function of the nucleus accumbens, the part of the brain that deals with pleasure”. Turning back the memory is an effort to prevent Alzheimer’s which one day will come to all of us sooner or later.

2. Re-glue the Friendship Rope

There is a saying in Javanese, that a reunion is an effort to “gather to balung kececer”. This means that the reunion is actually nothing but an attempt to reunite old friends who have been separated for a long time and whose forest is unknown. The goal is none other than to re-establish friendship and friendship between friends who have been cut off by their respective activities.

With a class reunion, everyone will try to collect information about their friends in various ways, either through advertisements, or by their relatives or families to inform them about the reunion plan.

Many of our friends actually live in the same city, but the opportunity to meet is always difficult to determine. With a reunion, it is the best opportunity to meet old friends.

3. The Reunion Turns Out to Extend Life

Meeting old friends will create a sense of joy and happiness which can make us live longer.

According to one study, people who are surrounded by friends and relatives are 50% less likely to die early than those who do not have a good social life. People who had fairly active social lives lived an average of 3.7 years longer. Research at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina (UCLA), United States also reveals that supportive friends and family can make it easier for someone to face problems so that happiness is always created and helps someone reduce the burden of their problems.

Meeting old friends in a reunion will usually lead to intense communication. Old friends who know us well enough can be a source of support for positive social emotions in our lives.
In addition, the emotional support you get from friends and loved ones can help reduce the burden of the problem and by itself avoid stress triggers or major depression that can lead to death.

In a reunion, their former teachers are usually also present. Do not forget to distribute a gift or a favor. For a teacher who at that time was very old and sick, he would be honored and appreciated for his services by the student.

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